Step by Step Guide : Start a WordPress BLog

Blogging is the best way shares your knowledge, Idea, and experience around the world.

The blog is a Business Promotion tools help to increase product sale.

Nowadays setup new blog very easy just require 15 minutes for setup new blog.

Today’s article I will step by step guide with screen shot you can start your blog today.

Already thousand of redder follow my guide, setup own blog or a business website.

If you facing any problem and any doubt feel free to contact me I will help …

Before Starting an Own WordPress Blog or Website I asking Common Question who want to start New WordPress Blog or website.

why you want to setup new blog?

  • Satrat an Entrapnuriship Business.
  • For Business.
  • For Hobby.

Now days blogging is not only a knowledge and idea sharing platform, a serious business model which use lots of professional bloggers earn a full-time income.

But you can setup a blog for a hobby that is another matter lot of people doing it.

How Much time Require starting a new Blog?

If you already choose a domain name and blog theme takes less than 15 minutes setup a new blog.

But after setup new blog writes a quality content requires lots time for publishing a new content.

Blogging Is Free?

These is common question new blogger who wants to start a new blog !!

Yes, Blogging is absolutely free but little penny requires yearly for Domain Registration and Webhosting.

  • Domain Registration ($10/Year.
  • Webhosting -$6 /Monthly.

Can I make money from Blogging?

Why not many successful blogger make ($30K or above) monthly. There is endless earning opportunity make money from blogging.

Choose a Right Blogging Platform!!!

When a newbie blogger who want to setup new blog it is vital task choose a right blogging platform.

There are lots of several blogging platform blogger, Tumblr, Wix, joomla,Ghost,Weebly,, among these platform self-hosted is widely used and popular blogging platform.

Why I Recommend WordPress blogging Platform every one?

  • First reason WordPress is Open Source Content Manganese System any one can use it free of cost.
  • 90% blog worldwide use WordPress blogging Platform.
  • Second reason WordPress is user-friendly CMS without coding skill easily setup and management your WordPress Site.
  • A big community always helps you in case you facing any type problem big forum and lots of tutorial resource solve your issue.
  • WordPress is Seo friendly CMS, you can setup Permalink, meta tag, keyword very efficiently from WordPress dashboard.
  • WordPress is extensible, thousand of the free plugin available for extending new feature in your website.
  • Thousands of free and premium theme available online for making website colorful.
  • WordPress include multi lingual feature so the user can change website content own language.
  • WordPress allows user management role like subscriber, Contributor, author, editor and administrator which provide administrator.
  • Media files can be uploaded easily and quickly.
  • Easy Customization any theme.

Why should avoid free Blogging platform?

Once a reader ask me there are lots of free platforms available for start blogging journey but why to choose platform.

It is common question new bie blogger if you set up blog for fun and hobby then you choose any free blogging platform but if you are a serious blogger and earn money form your blog future you should go self-hosted platform because lots of limitation include free blogging platform.

5 reason avoid free blogging platform

  • Not Control Your Blog– Free blogging hosted a subdomain like(,incase your blog break their terms and condition delete your account without any notice.
  • Space Limitation -Free blogging platform provides upto 3GB space including an image.
  • No Customization – Blogging customization is very difficult.
  • Advertisement –Top advertisement company buysellads ignore your website.
  • Blog Hosted A subdomain Platform- Free blogging service like blogger, offer free subdomain for setup a new blog.

Choose a Good Domain Name (

Choosing a good domain name is another vital task blogger because domain name carries impression,seo ranking, brand, website content etc.

A good domain Name…

  • Crete a brand your website.
  • Increase impression and visitor.
  • Increase Search Engine Rank.

The feature of good domain name!!!

  • Domin name must be easy,rememberable, unique and short.(
  • According to research top ranking website is under 8 character domain name.
  • Always choose .com extension which is most popular domain extension.
  • Easy to spelling and pronounce domain name.
  • Avoid hyphens and another spaceil chanter.
  • Choose a unique and brand able domain name.

Choose a Webhosting Service and Sign Up for Setup new Blog

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting company Provide web space where store your website data and access your website data anytime and anywhere around the world.

Why Need Webhosting?

If store website data your local computer it’s possible to access your data from anywhere?

Not possible so need to purchase a hosting plan for access your website data online.

Choose a Reliable Webhosting Service!!!

Another vital task newbie blogger chooses a reliable web hosting service provider.

7 Important Features to look for purchase web hosting Plan

1.Storage Space

When purchasing a hosting plan some hosting company provide unlimited storage some company offers limited GB storage space so before purchase any hosting plan read all feature carefully.


How much bandwidth provide hosting company obviously look these plan feature because bandwidth controls your website traffic. If your hosting plan bandwidth limited and site traffic is high not execute your site properly. So always choose an Unlimited bandwidth hosting plan.

3.The number of Domains and Subdomains Hosetd.

Before choosing a hosting plan look  number of domain and sub domain is hosted.

4.Database Support

Before choosing a hosting service must check which data base support. Nowadays most of hosting support Mysql, sql server, PostgreSQL Oracle etc

5.Free Email Accounts

Nowadays most of hosting service provider a free email account with your domain name.

6.Easy Installation

Most of the web hosting service provider offers one click software installation but check these feature is include or not.

7.Tech Support

Before choosing a hosting service provider to look this feature is strong or not if in case you fall in problem instantly solve your problem via phone, chat or email.

Now question which hosting provider is best for blog?

Don’t worry I recommend Bluehost ( hosting which currently use.

6 – Reasons You Should Go With Bluehost Hosting

1. like Bluehost hosting form 2005

WordPress is most popular hosting company over 2 million website hosted.A reputed hosting service provider which like since from 2005.

2.   Unlimited Bandwidth and disk space

All hosting include unlimited bandwidth and disk space.So unlimited data and website traffic handle smoothly.

3.   Include One Free  Domain Registration

All plan includes one free domain so user gets one free domain any hosting plan.

4.   Bluehost Support

Another vital feature bluehost support once I facing a cpanel problem within 5 minutes solve my issue. Bluehost support very good always help you via chat, email and direct phone calling.

5. Reasonable Web Hosting Plan

Bluehost plan price $3.95/Mo which plan price satisfy all customer for purchase a reasonable hosting.

6.Easy and One Click Software Installation

Blue host cpanel dashboard very easy user can setup wordpress without coding skill.Bluehost offers One click software installation tools for installing CMS.

Now Start Your WordPress Blog With Bluehost Hosting

Blogbibo Reader Only: Click hare to get 3.95/Monthly Hosting+ One free Domain name

Follow my simple step-by-step guide for creating a blog on Bluehost

  1. ·Sign up Blue Host for web Hosting(I recommend Bluehost).
  2. Next, Choose hosting plan.
  3. ·Choose and enter the Domain name for your blog.
  4.  Next, Submit plan amount and complete hosting registration.
  5. Now login and open Bluehost cpanel area.
  6. Now Install WordPress.
  7. Now Login WordPress for writing your blog post.
  8. If you already Choose your Blog domain name take 10 minutes to set up a new blog and first posting.

1. Sign up Bluehost for web hosting (I Highly recommend Bluehost)

Open official site and click on the “Get started now” button.

Click on these link and get a FREE domain and 40 % discount hosting offers.(These discount for only blogbiobo user don’t misuse it).

2. Choose Your Favorite hosting plan

These step choosing your hosting plan there is three hosting plan offers Basic, Plus, and prime.I highly recommended a basic plan for new blog setup which is the cheapest price and saves you some money.

3 Choose a domain name for your blog( Absolutely One Domain registration Free)

Enter your blog domain name and enter next button if domain name already taken enter another one again click next button.

 4. Next From Account Information Fill these From carefully

5.Next, fill up package Information from

Next screen appears to need  fill up three new form.There are three parts to this page. The first is account information.

  • The first form fills up account Information.
  • Sound form package Information
  • Last is Payment from

These from choose hosting duration 12 months,24 months or 36 months. Next, see domain privacy and site backup pro these is chargeable service.

Domain Privacy: After domain registration keep your data a public server so spammer easily knows domain owner, owner address etc ,if active domain privacy protection service keep your data safe.Don’t require give $0.99 /monthly better ignore these option.

Site Backup Pro: A chargeable Backup service for site data security doesn’t require , manually backup your site data a scheduled time.

6. Now We will Learn  How to Install WordPress Just One-Click

  • Login your Bluehost accounts and open your hosting Cpanel .
  • Here, you can see one click WordPress Installation button (See screen shot below).Click on this button.

  • After click on one click WordPress software button a new installation from appear, very simple choose a domain name, Enter WordPress user name, password, and your email id etc.
  • After filling up installation, form click on submit button and wait few sec.
  • Thank you, WordPress Install successfully.